CityGroup help local families at Christmas with foodbank donations

CityGroup was extremely pleased to be able to help local families over the Christmas period by donating food purchased CityGroup and colleagues.

CityGroups CEO said, “As funding has been removed for many local food banks at the same time as the cost of living crisis is taking hold, local companies like CityGroup need to be doing more to support these wonderful organisations support the local people who need their help.”

The food bank manager Peter Booth said, “A sincere thank you to all at CityGroup. It was wonderful that there was so much and that it also included Christmas items.”

CityGroup is proud to be based in and operate from Preston in Lancashire. We continuously try to improve how we contribute directly and indirectly to the community’s general well-being from which we originate.

In 2023 CityGroup will also be organising various charity days, including the involvement of up to 100 CityGroup employees. The proceeds will be donated to two local food banks. CityGroup also makes direct cash donations to long-term community investment projects and reactively in response to local needs.

In addition, every year in November, CityGroup organises employee donations to the Christmas Shoebox appeal. We donate the travel fare for each box our employees donate and collect and deliver the packages to the appeal.

If you are a local charity needing help, please get in touch with us using our contact form with details of your organisation. We will see what CityGroup can do to help.

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