Lloyds Banking Group and Capita PLC undertake security protocols audit at a CityGroup building

Lloyds Banking Group and Capita PLC undertook a recent audit of security protocols at one of CityGroups secure data centers located in the northwest on Friday 10th March.

Upon completion of the audit the CityGroup helpdesk has received several calls from both Lloyds Banking Group and Capita’s Facilities Department thanking us for our time and effort in providing comprehensive information on the data centres processes, operating procedures & security, they advised that in the past 20 years they have never had such an excellent security audit.
Jordon Liddard, Risk Manager and UK Financial Crime Co-ordinator Wrote,-
“All evidence has been accepted; the client has expressed a tremendous amount of gratitude which I completely echo.
Thank you for the collaboration and support we’ve blown this review out of the water!”
CityGroup are a professional facilities provider whose sole focus is to go one step further as standard and the above conclusion of what was a very thorough audit reaffirms our commitment to this standard. Get in touch today to see how we can support you and your organisation and save you a lot of time, effort and expenditure.

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