CityGroup engages BSI to provide certification towards ISO14001 and ISO45001
CityGroup has engaged BSI to assess and provide certification towards ISO14001 and ISO45001 with the Stage 1 audits for both certifications due in the November 2023 and the Stage 2 audits due in January 2024. Please find attached letter of intent issued by BSIGroup.



ISO14001 will demonstrate our environmental management system and ISO45001 will demonstrate our on-going dedication to occupational health and safety management.
CityGroup CEO recently said “CityGroup achieving ISO standards is long overdue as we have been working to ISO principals for many years. 2023 has seen our leadership team expand to enable us to accommodate the application for both 14001 and 45001 standards which involves a robust external auditing process. We are looking forward to successfully achieving certification in due course. Great work and a massive thank you to all involved”

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