SIPP Certificates

CityGroup, a prominent name in the Facilities Management sector, has recently been awarded the highly respected Safety Schemes in Procurement (SSIP) Accreditation. This certification is a testament to CityGroup’s unwavering commitment to the very best health and safety standards in the workplace. By meeting rigorous criteria, CityGroup has demonstrated exceptional competency in safety management and operations, setting a new benchmark in the industry.

Key Criteria Met for SSIP Accreditation

CityGroup’s attainment of the SSIP Accreditation involved a comprehensive evaluation against stringent criteria, underscoring their dedication to health and safety:

Health and Safety Policy: Developing and implementing a robust health and safety policy establishes a solid foundation for safety practices and procedures.

Organisation for Health and Safety: Structuring an effective organisation framework that ensures consistent execution and enforcement of health and safety policies.

Arrangements: Creating practical arrangements that translate health and safety policies into actionable procedures, reinforcing a culture of safety.

Competent Advice: Providing corporate and construction-related advice, drawing from expertise in various health and safety domains.

Individual Qualifications and Experience: Ensuring that all staff members possess the necessary qualifications and experience to uphold and advocate health and safety standards.

Monitoring, Audit, and Review: Regular monitoring and auditing of safety practices and a thorough review process for continuous improvement.

Workforce Involvement: Actively involving the workforce in safety matters, fostering a collaborative environment for health and safety management.

Accident Reporting and Enforcement Action: Efficient procedures for accident reporting, enforcement actions, and follow-up investigations to learn from incidents and prevent recurrence.

Subcontracting and Consulting Procedures: Implementing stringent health and safety procedures for subcontractors and consultants, ensuring alignment with CityGroup’s standards.

Risk Assessment and Safe System of Work: Conducting detailed risk assessments leading to the establishment of safe systems of work, significantly reducing workplace risks.

Co-operation with Others and Coordinating with Other Contractors: Demonstrating excellent collaboration and coordination skills in working with other contractors, ensuring seamless project safety management.

Welfare Provision: Providing comprehensive welfare facilities and support for all employees, highlighting CityGroup’s commitment to the overall well-being of its workforce.

Benefits and Future Commitments

The SSIP Accreditation not only enhances CityGroup’s reputation in the Facilities Management sector but also brings several tangible benefits:

Risk Reduction: CityGroup ensures a safer work environment for all through systematic risk assessments and safety management.

Increased Operational Efficiency: The accreditation fosters more efficient work processes, as safety is integrated into every operational aspect.

Competitive Advantage: This certification gives CityGroup a competitive edge in tendering processes, appealing to potential clients who prioritise safety.

Employee Morale: A safe workplace boosts employee morale, increasing productivity and job satisfaction.


Moving forward, CityGroup remains committed to upholding these standards, continuously improving its health and safety practices, and nurturing a safe and healthy work environment for all its stakeholders.

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