Co-op live

In the bustling heart of Manchester, a transformative project is underway that promises not only to redefine entertainment but also to rejuvenate the urban landscape. Co-op Live, Manchester’s Ultimate Live Arena, is poised to become a beacon of culture and community engagement. However, its impact extends beyond the confines of its walls, thanks to the collaborative efforts of CityGroup and Newsubstance in completing various external landscaping initiatives.

Newsubstance, renowned for its innovative approach to design and environmental stewardship, envisioned a holistic transformation of Co-op Live’s surroundings. This vision encompassed enhancing the arena’s immediate vicinity and revitalising the adjacent areas to create a seamless transition between urban infrastructure and natural beauty.

One of the significant endeavours undertaken by CityGroup and Newsubstance was the installation of a large Wildflower Meadow. This endeavour was not merely about aesthetics but about fostering biodiversity and sustainability in the heart of the city. The process involved meticulous planning and execution, including removing existing turf, ground preparation, and supplying and laying 60 tons of topsoil to create an optimal environment for the wildflowers to thrive. The result is a picturesque landscape and a vibrant ecosystem that serves as a sanctuary for pollinators and wildlife.

Transform Co-op Live's Surroundings

CityGroup and Newsubstance, in their commitment to environmental conservation and responsible land management, collaborated to rectify all damaged grassland in the vicinity of the Metrolink Station. This initiative was a testament to their shared values and goals, aiming to restore the natural integrity of the area and mitigate the impact of urban development on local ecosystems. By repairing and nurturing the grasslands, they demonstrated their aligned dedication to preserving the environment for future generations.

As part of their commitment to enhancing the visitor experience, CityGroup and Newsubstance extended their partnership to improve pedestrian infrastructure, leading to Co-op Live. CityGroup took on the task of repairing fencing, cleaning handrails, and removing non-artist graffiti along the 1km walk to the arena. These improvements not only enhance the aesthetic appeal of the area but also ensure the safety and accessibility of visitors, guaranteeing a positive experience from the moment they step outside their door.

The collaboration between CityGroup and Newsubstance exemplifies the power of collective action in shaping the urban landscape. By combining their expertise and resources, these two entities have contributed to Co-op Live’s success and left a lasting legacy of environmental stewardship and community engagement. As Manchester’s Ultimate Live Arena prepares to open its doors, it is surrounded by a landscape that reflects the city’s vibrant spirit and commitment to sustainability.

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