City Group is proud to be based in and operate from Preston in Lancashire. We continuously try to improve how we contribute directly and indirectly to the community’s general well-being from which we originate.

We carefully monitor our staff population to check that our recruitment and retention policies ensure our staff reflects the community in which they work. We actively advertise for jobs using the local press and working within community groups to recruit local people. We offer work experience to young people who want to understand the work environment, which spans from one day to one month, and actively seek apprentices from the communities where they will be working. Many of our staff are actively involved in community projects, often in partnership with our customers, which we support financially and offer time off work.

In addition every year in November City Group organise employee donations to the Christmas Shoebox appeal. We donate the travel fare for each box which is donated by our employees and we also collect and deliver the boxes to the appeal.

In 2021 City Group will also be organising various charity days, including the involvement of up to 100 City Group employees. The proceeds of which will be donated to two local charities. Also, most of our direct cash donations go to long-term community investment projects, although we also make donations in response to local needs.

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