Our commercial property and site inspections are both planned and reactive. Our planned inspection schedules are designed to identify current and potential future maintenance issues to help you budget and ensure your compliance with Health and Safety Legislation. Our services range from identifying slip, trip, and fall hazards to monitoring the validity of sub-contractor compliance. We also carry out inspections of unoccupied units to meet the requirements of your insurance company.

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We also provide reactive incident inspections

These are typically triggered following extreme weather, for example, storm damage, flooding, etc. Rather than rely on contractors/occupiers to relay the information, we believe there is no substitute for an experienced facilities manager to inspect on your behalf. We provide comprehensive reports with images and measurements of any issues and recommendations on any corrective works that may be required.

Independent Risk Assessments Preston, Manchester, Liverpool and the North West

City Group understands how important it is for employers to adhere to Health & Safety legislation. In turn, how human resources and office management is impacted by the volume and complexity of the necessary assessments imposed upon employers by this and other types of legislation. This legislation increasingly sets the task of assessing the risk, exposure, and preventative control measures in the employer’s hands. This places a significant load on human resources and the office manager, simply due to the number and complexity of the assessments that have to be carried out and updated as required.

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Our quarterly inspections also enable the facilities manager to monitor the areas the occupiers are responsible for and offer guidance where applicable for them to adhere to their lease obligations.

Dependent on the instructions, your property is inspected usually at a minimum every quarter. These periodic inspections ensure the property maintains the highest standards and provides the owners/managing agents with complete peace of mind.