Case Studies

CCTV Installation & Scheme Management

Sector: Commercial Offices Sector

Contract Value: 22k


CityGroup, a leading facility management and security solutions provider, was contracted to install a comprehensive closed-circuit television (CCTV) system for a large commercial office building in Lancashire. The building had an impressive footprint of 120,000 square feet, making security a top priority for its owners and tenants. The contract, valued at approximately £22,000, was successfully executed by CityGroup, ensuring the installation was completed on time and within budget.

Client Background:

The client owned and operated a large commercial office building, which housed multiple businesses, offices, and shared amenities. The building’s diverse tenant mix demanded robust security measures to safeguard both the property and the occupants. The client sought a reliable CCTV solution to deter potential threats, monitor activities, and enhance overall security on the premises.



The primary objectives of CityGroup’s CCTV installation were as follows:

Comprehensive Coverage: Design and implement a CCTV system that comprehensively covers all critical areas, including entry points, common areas, parking lots, and sensitive zones.

Real-time Monitoring: Enable real-time monitoring of the CCTV feed, allowing security personnel to respond to any security incidents or suspicious activities proactively.

Deterrence: Create a visible and prominent CCTV presence to act as a deterrent against potential criminal activities and unauthorised access.

Scalability: Design a scalable system that could accommodate future expansions or upgrades to meet the evolving security needs of the commercial office building.




CityGroup methodically executed the CCTV installation project to ensure seamless implementation:

Site Assessment: CityGroup’s security experts conducted a comprehensive site assessment to identify vulnerable areas and determine the optimal camera placements.

System Design: Based on the site assessment, CityGroup’s engineers designed a customised CCTV system that addressed the specific security requirements of the commercial office building.

Equipment Selection: High-quality CCTV cameras, appropriate lenses, digital video recorders (DVRs), and necessary accessories were carefully selected to deliver precise and reliable surveillance.

Installation: CityGroup’s skilled technicians installed the CCTV cameras at strategic locations, taking into account factors like lighting conditions and potential blind spots.

Integration and Testing: The CCTV system was integrated with the building’s existing security infrastructure, and rigorous testing was conducted to ensure proper functionality.




Although the project was completed successfully, a few challenges were encountered during the installation process:

Cabling and Infrastructure: The large footprint of the commercial office building posed challenges in terms of cable routing and infrastructure setup, requiring careful planning and coordination.

Minimising Disruptions: Ensuring minimal disruptions to the building’s occupants during installation required close collaboration with property management and tenant communication.




CityGroup’s CCTV installation project delivered significant results and benefits:

Enhanced Security: The comprehensive CCTV coverage provided increased security and peace of mind to both the building’s owners and its occupants.

Deterrent Effect: The visible presence of CCTV cameras acted as a deterrent, reducing the likelihood of criminal activities and unauthorised access.

Real-time Monitoring: Real-time monitoring capabilities empowered security personnel to respond promptly to security incidents or emergencies.

Scalability: The scalable design of the CCTV system allowed for future expansions and upgrades, ensuring it could adapt to changing security needs.





CityGroup’s successful completion of the CCTV installation for the large commercial office building in Lancashire showcased our expertise in providing robust security solutions for large and complex premises. The project was completed on time and within budget, meeting the client’s security objectives and providing enhanced safety to the building’s occupants and assets. CityGroup’s dedication to meticulous planning, reliable equipment selection, and efficient installation ensured the successful implementation of the CCTV system, reinforcing our reputation as a trusted provider of security solutions in the facility management industry.