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CityGroup has extensive experience in providing multiple facilities management services to many clients within the Student Accommodation Sector.

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Elevating Student Accommodation: CityGroup’s Professional Facilities Management Services

Student accommodation is vital to the overall university experience, providing a comfortable and secure living environment for students pursuing their academic dreams. Ensuring these facilities run smoothly is a multifaceted challenge that can significantly benefit from the expertise of a professional facilities management company like CityGroup. Below, we will explore the numerous advantages of partnering with CityGroup, a trusted name in facilities management, and how it can enhance student accommodation in multiple ways.

One-Stop Shop for All Hard and Soft Facilities Management Services

CityGroup is your comprehensive “one-stop shop” for all your student accommodation maintenance, security, and cleaning needs. Whether you require routine maintenance, landscaping, cleaning, security services, or any other aspect of our facility management provision, we have the expertise and resources to handle it all. This holistic approach ensures streamlined operations, leaving you more time to focus on creating a conducive living environment for your students.

DBS Checks on All Frontline Staff

Safety and security are paramount in student accommodation, where the well-being of residents is a top priority. CityGroup goes the extra mile by conducting rigorous Disclosure and Barring Service (DBS) checks on all our frontline staff members. These background screenings ensure that every person working in your student housing has a clean record, creating a secure and friendly environment for residents and visitors.

Uniformed, Qualified, and Experienced Frontline Operatives

Our front-line operatives are the face of CityGroup, representing the highest standards of professionalism. They are uniformed, qualified, and experienced, ready to handle a wide range of maintenance and service tasks. Their expertise and dedication ensure that your student accommodation looks appealing and functions smoothly, enhancing the overall student experience.

Summer Turnaround Teams

CityGroup understands the unique demands of student accommodation, including the summer turnaround when students transition in and out of housing. We provide specialised summer turnaround teams, efficiently managing the process of cleaning, maintenance, and preparation of accommodations for new residents. This ensures a seamless transition during what can be a stressful period for managers and allows you to maximise occupancy.

Experienced and Dedicated Management Team

Behind every successful facilities management operation is an experienced and dedicated management team. CityGroup takes pride in our management team, overseeing every facet of maintaining your student accommodation. From strategic planning and scheduling to on-site supervision, our managers ensure that everything runs smoothly, allowing you to provide students a comfortable and hassle-free living experience.

CityGroup’s Facilities Management Services are designed to meet the unique demands of student accommodation. With a one-stop approach for all hard and soft facilities management services, DBS checks on frontline staff, uniformed, qualified, and experienced operatives, specialised summer turnaround operation teams, and a dedicated management team, we offer a comprehensive solution that ensures your student accommodation remains secure, inviting, and efficient.

Why choose CityGroup Facilities Management Services?

Choose CityGroup as your trusted partner in enhancing the quality and functionality of your student accommodation. We understand the importance of providing a conducive living environment for students while managing operational costs effectively. Our commitment to excellence, professionalism, and resident satisfaction makes us the ideal choice for all your student accommodation facilities management needs.

Your brand and success in the student accommodation sector is our priority, and your trust is our most valuable asset. Contact CityGroup today to experience the difference in facilities management services and elevate your student accommodation to new heights, creating a positive and supportive environment for aspiring scholars.

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