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At 7pm on Thursday 5th of January 2023, a road traffic accident occurred on Market St West in Preston City Centre. Luckily nobody was seriously hurt, however a small family car had lost control and driven through the front of a small, terraced house and hit the gas main. The tenant luckily wasn’t home, however considerable damage was caused to both the house and the car. Emergency services attended and immediately took the driver to hospital and the landlord of the house was notified.

The landlord is a long-term client of CityGroup and our 24hr helpdesk was his first point of call to liaise with the emergency services, building control, cadent, restrict access to the area and take over management of the situation. Once the car was removed the building had to be assessed by building control and a structural engineer to ensure the condition was safe. Once our structural engineers and building control were happy the building was safe our maintenance engineers attended to erect Heras fencing to restrict access and give safe access to our management team who needed to assess the required works to rectify the damage. CityGroup’s helpdesk operators quickly contacted the tenant and arranged local suitable alternative accommodation for both her and her little boy and the maintenance team collected some personal items and met them at the new property. Once we had the tenant safely in her new accommodation, we needed to start the pre work planning to rebuild the front of the house which included.

  • Rebuild the front wall from reclamation Manchester brick (CityGroup)
  • Gas safety – Reinstate the gas main (Cadent)
  • Gas safety check of gas boiler of all internal appliances (CityGroup)
  • Install reclamation stone window sill (CityGroup)
  • Internal brickwork, plastering and decoration (CityGroup)
  • Internal fixed cabinet rebuilt (CityGroup)
  • Deep clean of all aeras (CityGroup)
  • Sign off and handover (CityGroup)



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CityGroup sucussfully managed what was sensitive situation for the tenant by aranging and financing the alternative accomodation and keeping her update daily throughout the works. Our aim was to complete the works as quickly as possible to avoid any extended displacement and to repair the house back to its fomer high standard.

CityGroup provided one pioint of call for the client and one invoice which was kept to a minium as it was managed correctly. CityGroup also liaised with the insurers to ensure the claim management was smooth and completed quickly.

Having an exprienced team of facilties profesisonals on hand 24hrs pays dividends to our clients. CityGroup have the experience, resources, manpower and technical knowledge to successfully manage any emergency works and we are available 24hrs a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year.

Having a company like CityGroup in your corner means we are always there when you need us the most.

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