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CityGroup Wins Grounds Maintenance Contract

Sector: Recycling Sector

Contract Value: 70k


CityGroup’s Grounds Maintenance Contract Service Provision Delivered at Multiple Recycling Centres in the North of England

CityGroup, a reputable facility management company, was awarded a grounds maintenance contract to provide comprehensive grounds maintenance services at multiple recycling centres across the north of England. The contract, valued at approximately £70,000, aimed to ensure the recycling centres maintained a clean, safe, and aesthetically pleasing environment for visitors and staff. CityGroup’s expertise in grounds maintenance and commitment to sustainability made them the ideal partner for this vital service provision.

Client Background:

The client was a waste management organisation responsible for operating several recycling centres in different locations across the north of England. These recycling centres were crucial in promoting recycling practices, waste reduction, and environmental sustainability.


CityGroup’s grounds maintenance contract aimed to achieve the following objectives:

Impeccable Grounds Appearance: To ensure the recycling centres’ grounds were well-maintained, tidy, and visually appealing to create a positive and welcoming impression for visitors.

Landscape Health and Safety: Address potential hazards and maintain the safety of walkways, parking areas, and access points through regular inspections and appropriate maintenance.

Environmental Stewardship: Implement sustainable grounds management practices, including waste recycling, water conservation, and the use of eco-friendly products whenever possible.

Seasonal Adaptation: Tailor the grounds maintenance activities to address seasonal changes, such as leaf removal in autumn and snow clearance during winter.


CityGroup executed the grounds maintenance contract service provision with meticulous planning and effective implementation:

Site Assessment: CityGroup’s team conducted a thorough site assessment at each recycling centre to understand their unique requirements and challenges.

Tailored Maintenance Plan: Based on the site assessment, CityGroup developed a comprehensive maintenance plan customised to each recycling centre’s specific needs and environmental conditions.

Landscaping Services: The contract included regular lawn mowing, pruning, hedge trimming, and weed control to maintain a well-kept appearance of the green spaces.

Hardscape Maintenance: CityGroup ensured the cleanliness and safety of parking areas, walkways, and other hard surfaces through regular sweeping, cleaning, and a hard surface repair programme.

Seasonal Services: Seasonal services, such as leaf clearance, snow removal, and gritting during winter, were diligently performed to keep the recycling centres operational and accessible.

Sustainable Practices: CityGroup incorporated sustainable practices in their maintenance activities, including composting green waste, water-efficient irrigation, and using environmentally friendly products.


While CityGroup effectively managed the grounds maintenance contract, there were some challenges faced during the provision of services:

Logistics: Managing grounds maintenance across multiple recycling centres in different locations required efficient logistics and scheduling to ensure timely service delivery.

Changing Seasons: Adapting the maintenance activities to the changing seasons demanded flexibility and proactive planning to address weather-related challenges.


CityGroup’s grounds maintenance contract services yielded impressive results and benefits:

Enhanced Aesthetics: The recycling centres maintained an attractive and well-maintained appearance, contributing to a positive visitor experience.

Safety and Accessibility: Regular maintenance ensured safe and accessible pathways and parking areas for visitors and staff.

Environmental Responsibility: CityGroup’s sustainable practices aligned with the recycling centres’ mission, promoting environmental stewardship and responsible grounds management.

Client Satisfaction: The waste management organisation expressed satisfaction with CityGroup’s services, acknowledging their dedication to quality and reliability.

City Group Grounds Maintenance Contract Win

City Group Grounds Maintenance Contract Win

CityGroup successfully delivers grounds maintenance services at multiple recycling centres across the north of England, demonstrating their expertise in maintaining outdoor spaces with a focus on aesthetics, safety, and environmental responsibility. The contract’s successful execution, valued at approximately £70,000, showcased CityGroup’s commitment to providing top-tier facility management services tailored to each client’s unique needs. Through their diligent efforts, CityGroup contributed to creating welcoming and sustainable environments at the recycling centres, aligning with the waste management organisation’s mission of promoting recycling and environmental conservation.