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CityGroup has extensive experience in providing multiple facilities management services to many clients within the Healthcare Sector.

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Healthcare Facilities Services in Preston, Manchester and across the North West

CityGroup facilities management offers a wide range of services designed to help businesses maintain their buildings and facilities efficiently, which is particularly important in the healthcare sector. Healthcare facilities have a unique set of requirements when it comes to facilities management, and engaging a facilities management company can offer several benefits to those who work in the UK healthcare sector.

Benefits of employing a Facilities Management Company:

Ensuring compliance with regulations: Healthcare facilities are subject to numerous regulations and standards, and facilities management companies like CityGroup can help ensure compliance with these requirements. This includes monitoring and maintaining facilities and equipment to meet regulatory requirements, managing hazardous waste disposal, and ensuring that facilities are accessible to patients with disabilities.


Cost savings: CityGroup facilities management can help healthcare facilities save money by identifying opportunities for cost reduction, implementing energy-efficient systems and equipment, and providing preventative maintenance services to reduce the risk of breakdowns and costly repairs.


Enhanced patient experience: Patients expect a high level of cleanliness, safety, and comfort when receiving healthcare services. CityGroup facilities management can help healthcare facilities deliver on these expectations. They can provide deep cleaning services, ensure that equipment is maintained correctly, and manage facility-related issues that may impact patient experiences, such as temperature control and lighting.

Improved staff productivity: A well-maintained and safe environment can enhance productivity, reduce absenteeism, and improve employee satisfaction. CityGroup facilities management can help maintain a safe and comfortable work environment, provide preventative maintenance services to minimise downtime, and assist with facility-related issues so that staff can focus on patient care.


Access to specialized expertise: Healthcare facilities require specialised expertise to manage complex systems and equipment. CityGroup facilities management employs experts knowledgeable about healthcare-specific requirements, including managing medical gases, sterilisation equipment, and ventilation systems.


Customized services: CityGroup facilities management can provide customized services to meet the unique needs of healthcare facilities. This can include providing emergency response services, managing parking and transportation, and implementing specialised security systems.

Why Choose Citygroup?

In summary, engaging CityGroup facilities management can provide numerous benefits to those who work in the UK healthcare sector. By ensuring compliance with regulations, reducing costs, enhancing patient experience, improving staff productivity, providing access to specialised expertise, and delivering customized services, facilities management companies can help healthcare facilities operate efficiently and effectively.

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