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At CityGroup, we believe in investing in the future by providing opportunities for local, hardworking young individuals who aspire to build rewarding careers in facilities management while learning and qualifying with a trade. Our Apprenticeship Scheme is a genuine testament to our commitment to nurturing talent, fostering growth, and positively impacting our communities. Below, we’ll delve into the details of our Apprenticeship Scheme, highlighting its benefits to aspiring apprentices and our organisation.

Why Choose an Apprenticeship at CityGroup?

Hands-On Learning

Our Apprenticeship Scheme is designed to provide a hands-on learning experience for young people who want to pursue a career in facilities management. Apprentices work alongside experienced professionals, gaining practical skills essential for success in the field. From plumbing, joinery, and electrical work to HVAC maintenance and building automation, our apprentices learn from the best in the business.

Qualifications and Trade Certifications

We understand the importance of education and certification. That’s why our apprentices not only gain valuable on-the-job experience but also have the opportunity to earn industry-recognised qualifications and trade certifications. This dual approach ensures that our apprentices are job-ready and equipped with the necessary credentials to excel in their careers.

Mentorship and Guidance

At CityGroup, we believe in mentorship and providing a supportive learning environment. Our apprentices are paired with experienced mentors who guide them throughout their apprenticeship journey. These mentors offer valuable insights, share knowledge, and help apprentices develop their skills and confidence.

Competitive Compensation

We value the hard work and dedication of our apprentices. That’s why we offer competitive compensation packages, ensuring that our apprentices are fairly rewarded for their commitment and contributions.

What Makes CityGroup’s Apprenticeship Scheme Stand Out?

Diverse Career Paths
Facilities management is a dynamic field with many career paths to explore. Our Apprenticeship Scheme provides exposure to various aspects of facilities management, allowing apprentices to discover their passions and strengths within the industry. Whether it’s facility maintenance, energy management, or sustainability initiatives, we support our apprentices in finding their niche.

Commitment to Inclusivity
CityGroup is committed to creating an inclusive and diverse workforce. Our Apprenticeship Scheme is open to individuals from all backgrounds, regardless of gender, ethnicity, or socioeconomic status. We believe that diversity strengthens our organisation and the facilities management industry as a whole.

How to Join CityGroup’s Apprenticeship Scheme


If you’re a motivated and hardworking young individual with a passion for facilities management and a desire to learn and grow, we invite you to explore the opportunities offered by CityGroup’s Apprenticeship Scheme. To apply, visit our company careers page and look for the apprenticeship openings. The application process is straightforward, and we encourage all eligible candidates to apply.

CityGroup’s Apprenticeship Scheme is more than just a program; it’s a pathway to a rewarding career in facilities management. We are proud to invest in the future of our communities by providing local youth with the tools they need to succeed. CityGroup’s Apprenticeship Scheme stands out as an opportunity for those looking to build a bright future in facilities management through hands-on learning, qualifications, mentorship, competitive compensation, and a commitment to inclusivity. Join us in shaping the future of this exciting industry while making a positive impact on our communities.

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