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Duration: 10 weeks August 2022

Contract Value: 250k


The refrigerant heating and cooling system that supplies the second floor is approximately 17 years old and at the end of its useful life. Therefore, it is proposed that the equipment be replaced point-for-point, with the interconnecting pipework and electrics primarily retained to minimise spending.

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Business case


Replacing with the latest equivalent unit will reduce the requirement for redesigned pipework and power supply. In addition, the new model versions have improved energy efficiency, so a reduction in energy usage should be achieved, together with a centralised control unit, to give more flexibility and control over the new installation. With reduced energy consumption comes a reduction in harmful emissions.

A manufacturer’s price increase is due on 1st September by approximately 2.5%. To avoid the price increase, orders must be placed before 1st September, with deliveries before 1st December.

Using a manufacturers diamond approved installer is inclusive of a ten-year equipment warranty.

CityGroup Managed Services Ltd

Project Scope

Decommission, recover refrigerant, remove and safely dispose of 50 existing ceiling cassette units and eight external condensers, then replace with a new equivalent. The works will involve the removal of the existing ceiling cassette units and associated grid ceilings around each unit. While these works are being undertaken, the nine wall-mounted controllers must also be replaced. In addition, a new central control unit will be installed. While these works are undertaken, part of the floorplate will be cordoned off and furniture removed in local areas.


The contractor will likely use mobile scaffolding towers and lifting equipment during these works, which can be brought onto the floor via the designated goods lift. It is expected that all deliveries and removal of equipment will be carried out during office hours. Likewise, the main works, such as replacing the units on a point-for-point basis, can be undertaken during office hours with close liaison with the appropriate tenants. The external units can be replaced again on a point-for-point basis while the indoor units are also being replaced. It is not expected that the external works will cause any disruption to the business. The contractor will provide a detailed location-by-location program so that a plan of execution can be developed and communicated.

CityGroup Managed Services Ltd

Making significant improvements


Realistic planning

CityGroup obtained a clear brief from key stakeholders and ensured all involved understood the project to be delivered.

Effective and efficient risk management

Good project control techniques were applied to develop a risk management plan that identified and considered all associated risks. This enabled CityGroup to minimise the effect of any risk that may have arisen during the project delivery.

Efficient and clear communication

Project communication documents are at the core of good project delivery. All CityGroup team members, consultants, and contractors communicated clearly and collaborated seamlessly.

A practical resource, time, and budget allocation

Accurately allocating resources, time, and budget to this project enabled CityGroup to minimise wastage and effectively utilize time, resources, and budget. Therefore strengthening project delivery.

Quality control

CityGroup project management services delivered the right management techniques to ensure that the project quality met the project specifications that were documented at the start.

CityGroup adopts a tailored approach for each project. As a result, we have the experience necessary to assess, identify and apply the best approach to complement the workflow of the project team, which ensures good delivery.

CityGroup Managed Services Ltd

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We’re passionate about providing professional project management services. As a result, we’ve got a high client retention rate of 94 and 96% and ensure all management processes are efficiently followed for each account. With over ten years of experience, City Group has built a reputation for high-quality service delivered with precision, efficiency, and professionalism. In addition, we offer a complex range of building management services that can be easily tailored to suit your needs.

We at City Group are flexible and can adapt to your bespoke requirements. Our services aren’t just a ‘one size fits all solution – we genuinely care about meeting our client’s every expectation.

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