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City Group is here to take care of your buildings, so you can focus on running your business. Facilities management Preston – choose from a wide range of services that suit budgets and sizes. We’ll make sure your property is fit for purpose with modern, innovative workflows.

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    Our core FM Services in Preston include:

    • Emergency Planning
    • Planned & Reactive Maintenance
    • 24/7 Helpdesk
    • Grounds Maintenance
    • Energy Management
    • Utilities Procurement
    • Planned Life Cycle Replacement
    • Security
    • Cleaning & Janitorial Services
    • Waste Disposal
    • Pest Control
    • Reception & Concierge Services

    Flexibility that fits your needs

    We provide a one-stop solution for all your facility’s needs — from cleaning, to repairs, to maintenance — so you never have to worry.

    Facilities management (FM) is the process of managing the “people, processes and technologies” to deliver a safe and healthy environment for building occupants. FM professionals are responsible for developing and implementing strategies that will ensure a building or facility operates efficiently, meets regulatory requirements, satisfies occupants’ needs, and achieves organisational goals.

    Here at City Group, we specialise in all areas of facilities management and can provide services to suit the requirements of your building in Preston.

    Making sure your workplace is safe and comfortable, we provide a wide range of services to our clients. These include maintenance, cleaning, security, energy management and more.

    Why choose us? Here’s just a few reasons:

    • Total Provision & Management of All Your Outsourced Services
    • Integrated Service Packages Designed to Increase Efficiencies and Reduce Management Costs
    • Sourcing, Negotiating & Delivering Specialist Sub-contractor Services
    • Realistic Money Saving Solutions from an Experienced Management & Multi Service Provide

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    FM Services Preston

    Facilities management services are used to maintain the property of an organisation. We can help with the upkeep, maintenance, and repairs of your company’s assets. Our facilities managers are responsible for designing and implementing a plan to take care of all the physical aspects of an organisation’s space.

    This includes:

    • Purchasing new equipment as needed
    • Maintaining existing equipment
    • Making sure that the buildings and grounds are clean and safe
    • Providing general maintenance on all buildings in use by the company
    • Organizing repairs or replacements when necessary
    • Ensuring that everything is up to code

    Whatever your building needs, we can provide. Contact us today and let’s get started on discussing your requirements.

    Highly experienced team

    Outsource your facilities management services in Preston to City Group and take advantage of the knowledge and expertise of a multi-service provider and receive the benefits of an experienced management company with real purchasing power. We only hire and work with the best, whether we’re sending out our cleaning teams, concierge teams or security services, your premises is guaranteed to be clean, safe and organised. Working closely with a comprehensive database of established specialist contractors whom all come pre-vetted and assessed for their suitability, experience, and regulatory compliance, make sure you’re not compromising on the comfort of your staff and customers.

    We make sure to outline our client’s requirements at the start of every FM project we take on – our client’s happiness is at the top of our priority list, so we make sure to meet each of their needs quickly and efficiently.

    Whatever your building needs, we can provide. Contact us today and let’s get started on discussing your requirements.

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