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City Group is an expert in providing office cleaning in Preston – we care about your office as if it were our own. Getting your work environment in pristine shape is our specialty, so you can focus on growing your business.

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    CityGroup Managed Services Ltd

    Why choose us for your Office Cleaning Preston? Here’s just a few reasons:

    • Low, Medium & high Risk Area Daily Cleaning
    • CQC Cleanliness Compliance and Infection Prevention & Control Support
    • Periodic Deep Cleaning
    • Emergency Reactive Deep Cleaning
    • Dedicated Team of Professionals
    • Wealth of Knowledge & Experience

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    CityGroup Managed Services Ltd

    Your home away from home

    We understand that offices are not just places where you work; they are often spaces that form the core of the company culture and identity. That’s why we always go the extra mile to ensure that your space is not only clean, but also welcoming and secure for your team.

    CityGroup Managed Services Ltd

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    Don’t be afraid discuss your requirements with us! We offer a tailored solution and will work with you to suit your budget, finding solutions that fit all of your needs, whether you need a one-off clean or regular maintenance services scheduled monthly or weekly.

    We’ll take care of everything – You don’t have to worry about anything to do with cleanliness – let us take on your office’s hygiene requirements. The last thing your employees want is an unsanitary workspace, they want to work in a clean environment. All they need to do is keep showing up at work and doing what they do best!

    CityGroup Managed Services Ltd

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    CityGroup Managed Services Ltd

    Boost employee morale

    Here at City Group, we understand that a clean environment equals happier and more efficient employees. A study by the Staples Corporation found that 94% of workers reported feeling more productive in a clean workspace. Employing us as your office cleaning company in Preston means that your whole business will benefit, it’s not just about having a tidy space.

    When we think of the benefits of hiring a professional office cleaning company, we may think about the peace of mind that comes with knowing that our employees are spending less time cleaning and more time on their work.

    Many companies have found that with the help of City Group’s team of professional office cleaners in Preston, their stress levels have gone down and productivity levels gone up.

    This is not only because professional cleaners are more efficient at cleaning workspaces than your average employee, but also because they know exactly what needs to be done in order to maintain a clean office environment.

    CityGroup Managed Services Ltd

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    CityGroup Managed Services Ltd

    Trustworthy team

    Whether you need a team of up to thirty daily cleaners or a smaller team of two or three, we can tailor a solution just for your offices in Preston. All of the cleaners we employ come with CRB, full background checks, digital ID cards and are in company marked vehicles. Many of our current employees have been with us for many years, this is because we believe in forming long lasting relationships and have a very low churn of staff for this industry. You can be sure our team is equipped with the right tools, a wealth of experience and a whole host of knowledge to thoroughly clean your offices.

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      CityGroup Managed Services Ltd

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